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Frequently-Asked Questions

Who runs the club?

The GSC is made up entirely of volunteers. We require your volunteer help for a successful season. Please contact us to volunteer!

What do you need to participate?

All you need are skates, a CSA-approved skating helmet (face cage optional, though recommended for younger skaters), long pants, mittens, and warm sweaters/jackets. Dress in layers, as skaters will get warm.

Both figure skates and hockey skates are fine for learn-to-skate programs, while figure skates are required for our Pre-STAR/STAR programs. Leather and lace-up skates are preferable to vinyl. Molded plastic skates with velcro/clip closures are not recommended. Bob skates with double-blades are unsuitable.

Are parents allowed on the ice?

Parents are not allowed on the ice at any time.

Does my skater need a helmet? 

Yes. CSA-approved helmets are required for all programs until skaters have earned their CanSkate Level 5 Badge. Bicycle and ski helmets are not acceptable. You can learn more about these rules here.

Can my skater bring a snack/drink?

As-per arena rules, no food or drink are permitted on the ice, except for a water bottle.

Is any experience necessary?

No experience is necessary for any of our learn-to-skate programs.

What is the etiquette for StarSkate sessions?

StarSkaters must keep the following ice etiquette in mind:

  • Appropriate skating attire must be worn during practice

  • Long hair must be tied back at all times

  • Ice priority works in the following order:​​

    1. Skaters in the harness

    2. Skaters with music​

    3. Skaters in a lesson

    4. Skaters with seniority

    5. Other Skaters

  • Skaters in the harness always have the right of way (this is incredibly important for safety)

  • When skating away from the boards, pay attention to oncoming skaters

  • Get up quickly after falling

  • Profane language will not be tolerated

  • Beware of skater's music and avoid getting in their way

  • Leave quickly after your session has ended

Coaches on the ice have the authority to enforce any/all of these rules, and will remove skaters who repeatedly break them.

For more information about StarSkate, visit our Skater Resources page, or email us.

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